Taking into account all of the boat trips required for setting and hauling gear, fuel can be more than 30% of a trap fisherman’s operating expenses. Beyond the monetary cost, there is an environmental impact as well, as fuel use in marine environments has been linked to toxicity and behavioral changes in some marine species. Reducing that usage and increasing the efficiency of the fisherman can help create more sustainable fishing practices.

Blue Ocean Gear’s smart trap device is retrofit onto existing trap and buoy setups, enabling them to communicate key information to fishermen back onshore, including the locations of their gear and an estimate of how much catch has been trapped. With this information, they can determine whether to let traps soak longer, haul them in now, or relocate them if some areas are outperforming others- all decided before they even leave the dock. This allows them to reduce unnecessary trips and potential back-tracking, making the most fuel-efficient path and improving their catch per unit effort.

Our technology is in the late stages of development, so contact us to get the latest on plans for market availability.