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Lost Fishing Gear

Derelict fishing gear has an overallĀ  negative impact on the environment by continuing to catch various species, entangling marine mammals, damage the habitat, and becoming wrapped around boat propellers, while also costing fishermen thousands of dollars in replacement gear and lost potential catch each season. Learn what Blue Ocean Gear is doing to help solve this problem, using state-of-the-art technology to enhance traditional trap fishing gear and bring it into the Internet of Things.

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Reducing fuel use

Crab and lobster fishermen make many trips to set and haul their traps during a season, using thousands of gallons of fuel per year. This has an immense cost to the fishermen, and as well as to the environment. Blue Ocean Gear has developed gear to help get data from the trap to the fisherman before they leave the dock in order to make fuel-efficient operations feasible.

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How Our Smart Buoy Technology Works

Take a look to see how Blue Ocean Gear’s smart buoys can help locate lost gear…

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Our Mission Statement

Blue Ocean Gear is focused on using technology to develop fishing gear that can enable sustainable fishing practices. We create solutions that help find synergy between a healthy ocean environment and the fishing industry that depends upon it.